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Apple Blackcurrant

MVR  390

A blend of golden gala apples and classic blackcurrants. Savour the tangy and sour notes with a refreshing menthol finish.

Blue Ice

MVR  390

Experience a blend of blue raspberry and mixed fruits that refreshes your senses and keeps you cool in the heat.

Lowit Device

MVR  270

Product Parameters:
1. Size: 30 × 40 × 20 mm
2. Battery Capacity: 500mAh
3. Charging Port: Type-C

Melon Honeydew

MVR  390

Indulge in the primary honeydew taste, accented by cantaloupe undertones. The enticing aroma of this melon-rich device is bound to impress with every exhale.

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MVR  390

Experience the tangy kick of blackcurrants, similar to grape and cherry, in this fruity vape. Delight in the genuine taste of sweet candy blackcurrants, simple, icy, and mildly cool, making you marvel at its sweet-scented clouds.

Strawberry Lychee

MVR  390

Experience unmatched authenticity with ElfBar Lowit’s sweet lychees and strawberries, designed for the most realistic lychee taste. Combined with a magnificent strawberry candy note.

Strawberry Mango

MVR  390

Experience a riot of flavors with a strawberry mango combo reminiscent of starburst sweets. Get caught in a typhoon of tropical taste with this exhilarating blend.

Summer Hawaii

MVR  390

Dive into the exotic waves of pineapple candy flavour with a low mint twist. So irresistibly good it’s hard to put down this Elf Bar Lowit. Sing aloha to an all-day vape!